It’s peony season


Peony close up.jpg
Photo by me


Today is Mother’s Day in France.  How lucky is it that it falls in the middle of peony season?!


The markets of France live by the seasons, whether it be for fruits and vegetables or flowers.  Like the asparagus that can be found at the market for just a few weeks each spring, peonies will only be around for a short while.

Peony bunches.jpg
Photo by me


We must get them while we can and every Parisian knows it. It seems that everywhere I look, someone is toting a bunch, tightly wrapped in brown paper.

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These fragrant natives of Asia were described by Marco Polo as “roses as big as cabbages”.  They can grow to be 10 inches across.

Peony linen curtain.jpg
Photo by me


If it seems that they are every bride’s flower of choice, it’s no wonder; they are considered a symbol of good fortune and a happy marriage.

Peonies bridal bouquet.jpg
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Bonne Fête des Mères!

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The one that got away -vintage panoramic photos

A few years ago, I was browsing at a flea market held in my neighborhood in Paris and came across a stall filled with beautiful vintage panoramic photos.  They were old group photos like these from a house in Surrey, England featured in 91 Magazine.

Surrey, England.png

They were striking and singular and I really wanted one but the vendor was charging 200€ each. Ouch! I hemmed and I hawed and I ultimately walked away…with regret. I have been thinking of those photos ever since!

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago.  I was on the Cape and browsing in one of my favorite antiques stores (“Back in Tyme” on Route 28 in West Harwich) and…SCORE!  I came across this beauty.  For $75!

IMG_3529 (1).jpg

It’s a photo of the Yale class of 1934. It doesn’t mention the class year on the photo but it was sold with the 1934 yearbook, which is a treasure in itself. There is a short biography of each of the class members.

IMG_6397 (1).jpg

Such a great glimpse into the lives of these young men.

The shopkeeper told me that a woman was emptying her father’s house and decided it needed to go. It must have been difficult to part with such a wonderful family memento. I wish she knew how glad I am to have it!

A gallery wall of panoramic photos makes a bold statement. The one below is by Kevin Corn Design:

Kevin Corn - Silverlake.jpg

Here’s another example in a beautiful home designed by Giannetti Home.

Pool room.jpg

It turns out that there are lots more to be found on eBay and Etsy.  For photos sold sans frames, this Etsy shop sells panoramic picture frames: signedandnumbered

For now, I’m happy with my single find.  Here it is on the wall of our family room on the Cape.  That space below the oars was waiting for the perfect piece to finish it off.