It’s peony season


Peony close up.jpg
Photo by me


Today is Mother’s Day in France.  How lucky is it that it falls in the middle of peony season?!


The markets of France live by the seasons, whether it be for fruits and vegetables or flowers.  Like the asparagus that can be found at the market for just a few weeks each spring, peonies will only be around for a short while.

Peony bunches.jpg
Photo by me


We must get them while we can and every Parisian knows it. It seems that everywhere I look, someone is toting a bunch, tightly wrapped in brown paper.

Peonies - the Urban Poser.jpg
via The Urban Poser


These fragrant natives of Asia were described by Marco Polo as “roses as big as cabbages”.  They can grow to be 10 inches across.

Peony linen curtain.jpg
Photo by me


If it seems that they are every bride’s flower of choice, it’s no wonder; they are considered a symbol of good fortune and a happy marriage.

Peonies bridal bouquet.jpg
via Collin Cowie weddings


Bonne Fête des Mères!

Peonies on a platter.jpg
via Town and Country


8 thoughts on “It’s peony season

      1. It’s funny cause I came across your blog via a question you had asked the WordPress team. I noticed that we were both using the same theme and we had both started our blogs at about the same time. But it was your photography that really caught my eye. Keep up the great work!

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      2. Thanks for your encouraging words! I was wondering about the French name of your blog and then just read that you are from Montréal. I live in France during the year (husband is French) and spend vacations on Cape Cod. I really love your photography too and your recipes look delicious! I will definitely try that chimichurri sauce this summer. I laughed when I read about how you made your family wait for dinner until you could get a good picture. One last compliment, love your gravatar too. Did you design it or find it somewhere?

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  1. So sorry, for the late response. I designed my gravatar using Canva. It is a fairly simple online software with a wide range of capabilities. Though the gravatar you presently have is beautiful as well!

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