A clean slate


via Yankee Magazine

At the start of a new year, I feel a rush of motivation to clear things out, clean things up and start afresh.

I’m not alone.  It was funny to see how many of my favorite bloggers and IGers, who went all out for Christmas, had every last ornament packed up and put away just two days after. It takes me longer than that, but I must say that, when the tree and the trimmings finally go, I always feel recharged.

I’m no minimalist, for sure, but after the pomp of the holidays, I’m drawn to pared down spaces.  These rooms feel refreshing and calm.  The excess has been whittled away and what’s left just looks serene and inviting.

I love this setting. It’s a perfect spot for a cup of tea, a game of cards or an apéritif in the evening.

via Connecticut Cottages & Gardens

A welcoming seat to plop down onto after a long day.

via Orrick & Company

Wouldn’t it be lovely to linger here over a late weekend breakfast and the Sunday paper?

via Blakes London

A peaceful setting to get some serious work done.

via Orrick & Company

The perfect place to end a busy day.  My best friend gave me that same vase for my birthday last year!

by Betsy Brown
via Etsy

Here’s to a fresh start in the new year!





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