Creature comforts



The other day, my cousin posted on Facebook that her heart was growing heavy.  I empathize.  It’s hard to be an informed citizen these days and not feel a bit desperate.  I’ve become a news junkie over the past few months which has the unfortunate effect of leaving me feeling hopeless and anxious at times. It’s these instants that make me realize how important it is to take a step back for a moment to regroup and recharge.

While decorating and home decor can seem utterly frivolous in the greater scheme of things, I truly believe that creating a beautiful, welcoming home is beneficial to one’s well-being.  Comfort and beauty are good for the soul and help get the positive energy flowing again.  We all need a place where we feel contented, secure and relaxed.

This makes me think of a funny little word that keeps popping up on my Pinterest feed : hygge (pronounced HOO-gah).  It turns out that it’s not the latest bestseller from Ikea, like I assumed, but an actual Danish word with meaning.  It’s about creating a cozy place of warmth and sanctuary that contributes to a general attitude of well-being.

Photo by me
via Moda and the City
IMG_1108 (1).jpg
Photo by me
Elkie Brown

May the comforts of home uplift us all!



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